English Books

English has been identified as the "language of advancement" in Tanzania but there are almost no English books available to students before secondary school. 

To help address this issue, EfforTZ has created English libraries on-site at four Tanzanian educational institutions: a nursery school, a primary school, a pre-secondary school, and a learning center.

EfforTZ maintains these libraries by replacing lost or damaged books and by adding additional books as needed.

School Materials

Most families are so poor that they are unable to provide their children with the necessary supplies for school. Most students attend school with a single, much used pencil. 

The schools available resources aren't much better: they provide paper to a student, a single sheet at a time, which is kept at school and reused until its no longer useful. 

EfforTZ provides pencils, pens, paper, rulers, erasers, crayons and other necessary materials to the schools for use by the students in their classrooms. 
"In...changing schools to properly use the English language we need assistance...and books.” Jumanne Maghembe, Minister for Education & Vocational Training

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