We provide scholarships to Maasai girls and orphaned and abandoned boys.

We also strive to improve the educational opportunities for all students by providing school supplies to institutions that lack these vital materials.

EfforTZ Foundation is a 501(c)(3) charity. 
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We believe every child deserves an education and a chance at a better life.

Maasai girls are sold into marriage as young as 12. Their husbands are typically much older men with multiple wives. With your help, we save these girls.

Nearly 2 million orphaned children, mostly boys, live on the streets, sleeping in alleyways and begging for food. With your support, we help these boys.

Few public schools have supplies for their students. Without them they are unable to learn. With your help, we provide these materials.
Providing an Education for Tanzania's Children
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EfforTZ Provides an Education for Tanzania's Neediest Children
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