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Girls of the Maasai tribe dread completing primary school. 

As hard as their life is already, they know it’s only going to get worse.

They are going to be sold into marriage by their fathers. 

To men usually twice their age. 

To men who already have multiple wives. 

Their fathers will receive cows and goats, cash or beer. 

The girls will receive a life in which they have no rights. They will raise babies and labor throughout the day - walking miles to fetch heavy loads of wood and water, milking cows and goats, making charcoal to sell, and more.

It is a hard life full of poverty and despair.
At EfforTZ we work hard to make sure these girls have another alternative.

We work with village elders to change their attitudes about educating girls, and, when necessary, support the village elders when they intervene in a family situation where a girl is about to be married off. We give the girls scholarships to quality boarding schools to continue their education. 

Despite the government's effort to end child marriage in Tanzania, the Maasai communites continue to marry off teenage girls. Global statistics on child marriage indicate that Tanzania is one of the countries with the highest number of child marriages.

Providing an Education for Tanzania's Children
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A gift in an amount below will help a young girl obtain a secondary school and college education. A gift of any amount is welcome.

$100 will pay a month's tuition
$400 will pay a semester's tuition
$1,200 will pay a year's tuition

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