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The cost of sponsoring a Maasai girl's education is $1,200 a year. This amount pays for her tuition to a boarding school where she will get a quality education and be safe from being sold into marriage. It pays for her uniforms, school supplies, and medical exams. 

Any amount is welcome for any time period of up to 8 years. 

You'll receive background information and a photograph of her, plus updates on her progress in school for each semester as well as letters from her each semester.

Won't you consider rescuing a Maasai girl from a forced marriage?

IMAGINE - YOU can be the one to change a girl's life!

Your sponsorship will not only make a huge difference for her, but for that of her children, grandchildren, community, and country. With your help she can become a teacher or nurse, an accountant or business owner, a doctor or lawyer.

With your help she will have  the opportunity to pass on the precious gift you have given her by making sure her own children receive an education. 
IMAGINE knowing YOU have saved a girl from being sold by her father to a man three times her age.

​IMAGINE knowing YOU have made it possible for her to receive the education she craves.

IMAGINE her joy at finding out YOU have come to her rescue!
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Providing an Education for Tanzania's Children
Contact us at [email protected] or 508-548-3703 to find out more. Or complete our SPONSORSHIP FORM and mail it with your check. 

Thank you!
"We have been sponsoring a child in this program since its inception and it has been wonderful to watch the boy we sponsor grow into a young man. 

"He sends us letters about all the things he is learning and telling us how much he appreciates our sponsorship. I share these letters with my children and it is fun to see that this boy who lives so far away has many things in common with my children. 

"EfforTZ sends us report cards and other communications to keep us posted on his progress. All of these thoughtful communications clearly demonstrate that our donation is being put to good use.

"It is truly a wonderful organization." 

-Ellen R.
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