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Providing an Education for Tanzania's Children
​There are nearly 2 million homeless children in Tanzania. Most of these are boys whose parents have died from HIV/AIDS or other diseases or who have been abandoned by parents in dire economic circumstances. The boys' sisters are usually taken in by extended family members and neighbors to care for the ill or help with household chores

Tanzania’s homeless boys, some as young as five or six, survive on rancid garbage and sleep in dank alleyways.

The boys are malnourished, unable to attend school, excluded from access to medical care, and are under constant threat of verbal and physical abuse from older boys and criminals.

The authorities view the boys as a nuisance; the police periodically round them up, put them in jail or relocate them to other areas.

After months on the streets many boys turn to alcohol or drugs for a brief respite from their constant fight for survival. 

We currently help some of these boys and, with the support of our donors, provide them with the opportunity to attend boarding schools where they receive a quality education as well as intensive training in English, the language of advancement in Tanzania. We also provide them with a place to live during school recesses. 
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