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It's hard to imagine that a single pencil or pen can be a child’s most cherished possession but in Tanzania that’s the case.

Families are too poor to buy pencils or pens for their children and the schools are too poor to provide them. 

And yet these items and many others are essential to learning.

Without a pencil or pen, or sheet of paper, students can’t take notes and study what the teacher has told them in class. 

They can’t make their own calculations to understand how math works. They can’t do homework that is assigned and graded.

They can’t use the entire time allocated for exams because they have to wait for another student to lend them a pencil or pen.

To help, each year we provide up to 4,000 students in public and non-profit schools with supplies. 

But we can't do this without your help.
Providing an Education for Tanzania's Children
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